Best Restaurants Cambridge MA
When it comes to the best restaurants in Cambridge, MA, Beat Brasserie stands above the rest. Whether you are a local regular, or if you are a traveller passing through, Beat Brasserie aims to make your experience unforgettable. We love greeting all people in our restaurant, from many different walks of life. No matter who you are, you will feel at home, and accounted for by the genuinely cool people who make up our staff. When choosing between the restaurants in Harvard Square, we want to make your decision easy. Enjoying the excellent selection of dishes and drinks at Beat Brasserie will be a move that you won’t regret making.

One of the All-Around Best Restaurants in Cambridge, MA

When you enter our doors, you will be able to clearly see why we are one of the best restaurants in Cambridge, MA. From the moment you walk in, you will smell the distinct aromas of our seasonal dishes, while our friendly wait staff caters to your every need. Our eclectic dishes are inspired by the wonderful flavors that our wise chefs have encountered throughout their lives. There are no other Harvard Square restaurants where guests can enjoy such a broad spectrum of dishes, all mastered and prepared to perfection. You can check out our wide array of attractive dishes on our dinner menu, and you can always take a look at our fine wines.

Look No Further for The Best Restaurants in Cambridge, MA

At Beat Brasserie, we are also proud to offer some of the hottest live music in the jazz, blues, and many other passion-fuelled industries. Our performers truly love their music, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Every live performer that we hire enhances the cool, hippie, beat movement vibe that is ever-present in our restaurants. Kara Baskin from the Boston Globe noticed the truly unique feel of Beat Brasserie, and said that it reminded her of “a hangout for restless spirits like Allen Ginsberg, William Boroughs, and Edie Sedgwick.” We take pride in the atmosphere that we create, and we believe that it highlights the love that we have for our customers and what we do. We offer everything necessary to have an unforgettable meal experience. This is one of the reasons why we believe that we are truly one of the best restaurants in Cambridge, MA

Looking for The Best Restaurants in Cambridge, MA? Come to Us

If you are looking to enjoy top-notch food and libations in an atmosphere you will never forget, come to Beat Brasserie. We will make sure you are pleased, and we are sure that when you leave, you will come back wanting more. Call us at (617) 499-0001 or make your reservations online. Come by and experience what is truly one of the best restaurants in Cambridge, MA

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